Anadama Bread

Anadama!  My kids think that I’m a potty mouth when I say that.  And, I certainly did say that aloud after I pulled the plastic wrap from the bowl after bulk ferment phase of this bread.

A key ingredient to Anadama (potty mouth) bread is molasses, and from where I come from very little has molasses in it save a cookie or two.  I mean VERY little… the grocery store had so little that I was forced to buy either the last bottle of blackstrap molasses or Granny’s Molasses.  In the book Peter R. suggests that finding a highly refined molasses tends to make a better tasting bread.  Dama is right!  I used what I could find…

Sitting at room temp. the bulk ferment took 2 hours

The formula is nearly 70% fully hydrated corn meal and 6 tablespoons of molasses.  When I pulled the plastic wrap from the bowl to punch down and shape the dough a strong pungent smell of sweet corn and molasses smacked me in the nose.

The dough was supple and grainy. I had to use lots of flour to punch down and shape it.

Once I got the dough divided out into two pieces, it was easy to roll into logs and place it in the bread pans.

I rolled the loaves by pinching over an 8th of the dough over and over. Maximizing the tension of the surface.

Once I had the dough nicely rolled and panned.  I sprayed a little oil on them and covered with plastic wrap.  Time for a second rise.

Waiting for the final proof took another 2 hours. Such a cold day (it was -8 F on this day)

The formula in the book suggested that I wait until the bread “fully” crested over the edges of the pan.  I’m not sure what fully crested means.  So I took my best guess.  Next, I sprayed the loaves with water and dusted them with cornmeal.  I had visions of corn bread and bean soup after using this much corn meal in a loaf of bread.

The loaves baked for 50 minutes at 350 F. Nice and golden brown.

At first, I didn’t like this bread.  But it has grown on me… Or maybe it’s better the second day.  I’ve toasted it, eaten it as a sandwich (ham and cheese), and for dinner we broiled it with butter and Parmesan cheese.  Not bad for molasses and cornmeal.